The Expansion of 311’s ‘Grassroots Uplifter’

The Expansion of 311’s ‘Grassroots Uplifter’

311 continues to make noise in and outside of the music scene and The Pier recently caught up with front-man Nick Hexum to discuss the bands latest tour, alternative business ventures, and more.

After completing their most recent national tour with numerous locally aligned appearances to promote the Grassroots Uplifter vape pen, The Pier found that Nick and the boys have plenty more plans in store for fans.

Uplifter New BoxNick Hexum and 311 have been exploring alternative business ventures that align with their music for a while now. After starting with brewing their own beer, appropriately called 311 Amber Ale, the band has more recently dove into the cannabis industry with the 311 Grassroots Uplifter. As previously discussed, the Grassroots Uplifter is a high-end disposable portable vaporizer pen specifically for concentrated cannabis oil.

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The Grassroots Uplifter was launched in early 2016 and was introduced initially in California and the Uplifter v2 was introduced mid-2016. The popularity of the original Uplifter lead 311 back to the office to further improve on the product’s development and meet the various needs of consumers. The Uplifter v2 steps up the quality in a number of ways including using all glass and stainless steel for construction, elimination of all plastics, upgraded burner design, and a longer battery life. Consumer demand dictated even more development and 311 went back to the drawing board to create the Uplifter Cart, a rechargeable version of the Uplifter v2. California again was the first to get the new product which is now available at various locations and even by delivery with Speed Weed.

UplifterCartWith the successful launch and growth, Nick and the fellas are pushing forward with another product launch in Washington, plans for Colorado, and even more plans for the Grassroots brand to expand into more products.

But the Uplifter is more than just a pen…the vape pen industry is a very saturated market and 311 wanted to make sure their pen stands above. 311 has gone further than just developing a quality and dependable personal vaporizer by forging business relationships with local processors to fill the Uplifter with quality cannabis. This aspect of the venture was especially important to Nick who explained to The Pier his background and reason for trying the business.

“I have seen numerous people very close to me find great relief from the use of cannabis. Although The Grassroots Uplifter is a recreational product, I truly believe in the medicinal and holistic benefits of cannabis.”
Nick Hexum, Vocals/Guitairst, 311

These local partnerships provide high-quality, potent, and clean cannabis concentrates processed under various state laws. Despite the varying material being used to fill the Uplifter, consumers can be confident in a clean quality product no matter what state they are in to purchase.

In Washington State, this means consumers will get the Grassroots Uplifter filled by Evergreen Extracts. Evergreen Extracts took their many years of experience with a holistic healthcare practitioner, taking it to the next level by processing their own medicinal cannabis concentrates. With the passing of new laws in WA earlier this year, the Evergreen team continues to produce high-end concentrates but now for the recreational market. Evergreen Extracts fills the Uplifter with numerous strain-specific options giving consumers not only their choice of indica, sativa or hybrid, but also their choice of specific cannabis genetics.

311 has further plans to expand the Grassroots brand into more states with Colorado and Oregon the most likely candidates. But 311 is taking their vaporizer business even further by developing a non-cannabis pen. The Grassroots Big Cloud is still in its initial development and provides the option of vaporizing various e-juice and other nicotine-based fluids.

Stay tuned into The Pier to keep up-to-date with 311, the expansion of the Grassroots Uplifter, and the future release of the Grassroots Big Cloud.

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Article and Photos by: Eric Schoep

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