The Expendables Release New Single “Original One of a Kind” Ballyhoo!

The Expendables Release New Single “Original One of a Kind” Ballyhoo!


The Expendables and Ballyhoo! Release New Single "Original One of a Kind"

Ineffable Records has announced the release of “Original One of a Kind,” a new single by The Expendables featuring Ballyhoo!. The track will be featured on The Expendables’ upcoming album Pleasure Point coming soon. No doubt this song has an alluring sound, blended with punk rock and reggae, merges guitar riffs and a steady flow of interdimensional vocal range that’ll electrify your soul.

The track “Original One of a Kind” gives insight into one’s journey of finding their own way in life. As conveyed in the lyrics, exploring other ways or realms can be the more difficult path, and one will face obstacles that will attempt to slow you down. This beautiful track resonates in my life, and I am sure many can relate. Be original and stay true to your path. I feel this more than ever what is coming through in this phenomenal lyrical trip.

Collectively, both bands have given us the most intriguing sounds and lyrical genius music in the music scene. Fearless and ready, the track fuses a beautiful blend of genres: metal, punk rock, reggae, ska, alt. These two are clearly close, as they have toured together throughout the US and collaborated prior to this fantastic track!

Lead frontmen for both legendary groups, Howi Spangler and Geoff Weers, collaborated on one of my all-time music picks, “Social Drinker,” off their album, “The ExpendaHoo!” released in 2007. The two merging West Coast and East Coast vibes bring in so many more musical elements and perspectives. The track is so deserving to be experienced by all. So go check it out now!

Listen To The Expendables New Single “Original One of a Kind” feat. Ballyhoo! Below!

Written by: Suzanne Sanchez