The First Ever ‘Spirit, Soul & Songs Tour’

The First Ever ‘Spirit, Soul & Songs Tour’

The first ever Spirit, Soul & Songs Tour will feature four exceptionally talented vocalists in the reggae-inspired genre, on one stage, throughout the western United States. Hawaiian folk artist, Kimie, will share the stage with Cas Haley, Mike Love and Tubby Love.

The four singer-songwriters will show off their individual talents in their own sets and demonstrate their diversity by giving us on stage collaborations. The tour kicks off May 16, 2014 starting in SSS_landscape_8x12southern CA and working its way up the West Coast to the Pacific Northwest, before heading further East to play for audiences in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Kimie’s addition to the line up will come to an end in Denver on June 5, 2014.

Kimie,(pronounced Kiy-Miy-Eh) with her pure and soulful voice, will be supporting her new single “New Day”. Known for her mellow and free-spirited outlook that is reflected in her lyrics, Kimie stands out providing positive and aloha-filled vibes. Cas Haley is a veteran of the scene, successfully combining his reggae influences with more Americana, southern soul, and roots music. Haley is sure to turn heads performing newer songs off his latest album, La Si Dah (2013 Easy Star Records). Fans will have a chance to meet Cas Haley during The Pier’s Artist Meet N Greets at the 5th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival on Saturday May 24th.

Known for eclectic loops and inspiring guitar playing, Mike Love is a perfect vocal addition to the tour, while Tubby Love will round out the lineup by opening each night with his awe-inspiring lyrics, voice, and guitar accompaniment.

“Speaking for the three of us who are based in Hawaii, we’re really excited to share our music with our mainland ohana,” says Mike Love, speaking of himself, Kimie & Tubby Love. “We’ll be playing many new places we’ve never been before and we’re looking forward to seeing many new faces, while reconnecting with family we haven’t seen for a while. Being able to share the stage with Cas Haley, Kimie and Tubby just makes this tour that much sweeter.”

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Article by: Blake Taylor

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