Dirty Heads Summer Tour & Album Preorder

Dirty Heads Summer Tour & Album Preorder

Aside from announcing their summer tour that will see Huntington Beach, CA’s Dirty Heads share the road with Kona, HI’s Pepper with openers out of Boston, MA, AER, the Dirty Heads have also announced all the details regarding the July 8th release of their upcoming album Sound of Change.

Embarking on a new journey as a band will come change and with that change, Dirty Heads fans will experience the sounds of that new journey. As discussed in my prior interview with vocalist Jared Watson, he explains, “We were leaning towards more hip-hop with this album. We wanted to bring in different elements, like we always do, take certain elements out of stuff that we’re passionate about now and do something a little different than normal. We were really excited to do something way more hip-hop & bigger & more hype & more fun for the live show, more party stuff.
The album will include 13 total songs with an impressive line up of guest appearances by B Real (of Cypress Hill) on the song “Franco Eyed,” Tech N9ne on “Burn Slow” and Ward 21 on “Medusa.” In addition, they also worked with multiple producers including Supa Dupes, Niles, Buddah Shampoo & Rome Ramirez.

Jared continued on with describing new album Sound of Change by saying, “We are taking reggae elements and mixing those with hip-hop & alternative, you know? We’re putting like Trap, Hip-Hop beats over a Kings of Leon style Guitar, but then there are skanks.”

When discussing the albums producers, Jared informed everyone “If you want to do Reggae & Hip-Hop, you go to Supa Dupes!” and as for working with Rome Ramirez, “We banged out like 8 songs in 8 days and they just kept coming and the magic was there!”

The group just released their first single Monday, May 5th on the World Famous Kroq. The single is titled “My Sweet Summer’ and you can purchase that, as well as pre-order the new album, on iTunes by clicking HERE!

For the first time, Dirty Heads will be sharing the road with Pepper as they embark on a Summer tour together with Aer as support. Back in March, Jared alluded to touring with Pepper, acknowledging, “We recently played some shows with the Pepper guys and we never been out on tour with them and it was really fun and the crowd liked it, so it has been in the talks”.

It appears those talks have turned to handshakes as the summer tour kicks off July 16th and runs till August 19th, going from New York to California & everywhere in-between, including a show at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO on August 13th.


Dirty Heads – Sound of Change:
DH_albumcover-300x3001.) Sound of Change
2.) My Sweet Summer
3.) Medusa
4.) Burn Slow
5.) Franco Eyed
6.) End of the World
7.) One Hand
8.) Radio
9.) Burials
10.) Hear You Coming
11.) Silence
12.) Dark Days
13.) Running For Your Life

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

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