The Green touring the Mainland!

The Green touring the Mainland!

The Green is back on the Mainland! After a successful #1 spot on the Billboard Reggae Charts for their hit album, Ways & Means, The Green is hitting the road! With 39 shows lined up, the Hawaiian reggae band will be racking in the fans on multiple tours.

As one of the 2011 Pier Award Nominees for Album of the Year, The Green has had awesome recognition for their second album release. Released under Easy Star Records, the stellar album also featured the efforts of leading man Jacob Hemphill of SOJA.

The Pier got connected with The Green’s guitarist/vocalist, Zion Thompson about the upcoming tour dates. We asked Zion about how the band felt about touring back on the Mainland. Zion told The Pier, “Luckily, we’ve done some recent shows with SOJA and now this tour with Rebelution and both of them have brand new albums out also! The timing couldn’t have been much more perfect.”

The Green began this tour with some shows in Hawaii, where they were on stage with SOJA! With musical collaborations and productions done with SOJA, Zion only had great stories and love for the awesome band. “On our new album we were fortunate enough to collaborate with Jacob Hemphill from SOJA and their engineer Soljie on the song “Come In”. It’s nice to have someone like Jacob on our album. He’s so easy going and casual yet really deep and thoughtful about his band’s music.’

Now that The Green continues on the road with Rebelution, Zion shared how proud they are of Rebelution’s amazing success with the triple album drop! “We’re proud to be a part of this massive tour with Rebelution! Their new three-disc album just came out and it’s killing it on the charts. We did two weeks with them on the east coast early last year and it was nuts! Their crowds are some of the biggest and most enthusiastic I’ve ever seen. Now they have this new monster album out… it’s gonna be pretty crazy! We can’t wait to rock the stage with them every night for two months!”

Zion shared that touring with bands creates awesome bonds leading to nights with cool collaborations on stage together. “The great thing about touring with other bands is getting a chance to develop relationships with them and their crew. When you click with other groups on the road it really makes the overall show better each night. You start jamming together and having lots more fun! It can also open up doors for both of you in the future. It’s all about working hard and being flexible at the same time. That’s when you develop friendships and respect. Once you have that, the sky is the limit.”

The Green Tour Dates:
Feb 08 @ House Of Blues, New Orleans, LA (w/Rebelution)
Feb 09 @ House Of Blues, Houston, TX (w/Rebelution)
Feb 10 @ Stubbs, Austin, TX (w/Rebelution)
Feb 11 @ House Of Blues, Dallas, TX (w/Rebelution)
Feb 12 @ George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR (w/Rebelution)
Feb 15 @ Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque, NM (w/Rebelution)
Feb 16 @ Marquee Theater, Tempe, AZ (w/Rebelution)
Feb 17 @ Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA (w/Rebelution)
Feb 18 @ Fox Theater, Oakland, CA (w/Rebelution)
Feb 19 @ The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (w/Rebelution)
Feb 22 @ Senator Theater, Chico, CA (w/Rebelution)
Feb 23 @ McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR (w/Rebelution)
Feb 24 @ Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR (w/Rebelution)
Feb 25 @ Showbox, Seattle, WA (w/Rebelution)
Feb 26 @ Venue, Vancouver, BC
Feb 29 @ SAIT, Calgary, AB
Mar 01 @ Live At The Royal, Nelson, BC
Mar 02 @ The Northern Bar, Fernie, BC
Mar 03 @ Red Room Lounge, Spokane, WA
Mar 06 @ Cargo (Inside Comm Row), Reno, NV (w/Passafire)
Mar 07 @ The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA (w/Passafire)
Mar 08 @ SLO Brew, San Luis Obispo, CA (w/Passafire)
Mar 09 @ Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA (w/Passafire)
Mar 10 @ Narducci’s Café, Bakersfield, CA (w/Passafire)
Mar 11 @ Yost Theater, Santa Ana, CA (w/Passafire)
Mar 14 @ House Of Blues, Las Vegas, CA (w/Rebelution)
Mar 15 @ The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT (w/Rebelution)
Mar 16 @ Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO (w/Rebelution)
Mar 17 @ The Fillmore, Denver, CO (w/Rebelution)
Mar 20 @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (w/Rebelution)
Mar 21 @ Peoples Court, Des Moines, IA (w/Rebelution)
Mar 22 @ Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI (w/Rebelution)
Mar 23 @ The Pageant, St. Louis, MO (w/Rebelution)
Mar 24 @ Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL (w/Rebelution)
Mar 27 @ St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI (w/Rebelution)
Mar 28 @ Madison Theater, Covington, KY (w/Rebelution)
Mar 29 @ Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH (w/Rebelution)
Mar 30 @ House Of Blues, Cleveland, OH (w/Rebelution)
Mar 31 @ The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI (w/Rebelution)

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Article By: Alyssa Torres

Here’s The Green’s official music video to the new song “Love & Affection”