The Movement Releases Single: “Loud Enough,” Talks New Record

The Movement Releases Single: “Loud Enough,” Talks New Record

On May 18th, The Movement‘s second single of the year with “Loud Enough” was made available to fans. It’s the third total song they’ve put out since the 2016 drop of their last full-length record, Golden. With a new single, The Pier caught up with the band for an update on a new record.

Last June, The Movement put out “Siren” featuring Stick Figure, followed by January’s drop of “Cool Me Down.” With the May release of “Loud Enough” we’re slowly seeing the unfolding of The Movement’s next record as all 3 songs are expected to be on the upcoming album. The as of yet untitled record will include up to 14 or 15 songs produced by Johnny Cosmic.
“Loud Enough” opens with synths occupied by reggae-hip hop groove with a drum and bass heavy backline and growling vocals by Joshua Swain. The song speaks to societal change, asking if our united voice is Loud Enough.

Swain tells The Pier: “There’s 2 contradictory sides to the record. One is me being really happy and the other side is me being frustrated by the current affairs. Our world is pretty amazing, you know? Our family, our friends, and our lives are great. We really have nothing to complain about. But you look outside that bubble and you see the state of politics and current affairs and its really pretty shitty outside our bubble. It’s frustrating to not really know what to do about that, so all you can really do is write about it and hope it has an effect.”

They hope to have the album out late summer, early fall. In further describing the record, Josh explains: “The other songs are about enjoying the beach and feeling good about life. There’s something to say about the duality of the record with us touching on the two sides of good and evil. Sonically, I’d say this record is more drum and bass heavy, not drum & bass music, but you can really feel the kick drum and the snare and the bass, first and foremost. I feel like our last album, ‘Golden,’ had more of a mellow, analog feel that was smooth and we want this new record to thump.”

“Loud Enough” is a song they’ve been playing live for quite sometime and fans can expect to hear it on their current summer tour along with new songs “Cool Me Down” and “Siren.” When asked if they plan to debut any other new songs live this summer, there weren’t any immediate plans to, but they alluded to a new track, titled “Honey” that drummer Gary Jackson refers to having a classic Joshua Swain flow.

With a 40min set, it’s hard to work in a lot of new songs without alienating the hits fans came to see. The group hopes to have the album out by August or September, so unveiling some new songs live this summer isn’t out of the question, you’ll just have to show up early to be surprised as they open up for Dirty heads and Iration — Stay tuned as we’ll continue to follow them on their path to a new record. You can find additional links and tour dates below.

Listen: The Movement – “Loud Enough”

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Article By: Mike Patti
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