The Pier: Catching Up with Iration

The Pier: Catching Up with Iration

Fresh off their Tales from the Sea tour, Iration has been hard at work both on the road and in the studio. Just before their performance at Blaze ‘N’ Glory Festival, we spoke with bassist Adam Taylor, who discussed the band’s newest single, and offered us some exclusive details regarding their upcoming album release.

On April 27th, the band gave fans a sneak peek into their new album by releasing “Reelin,” a song that lead-singer Micah Pueschel describes as being full of “Big drums, hard-hitting bass, and synth and rocking guitars.” All elements not typically found in Iration songs. When asked about the reasoning behind adopting this new sound, Taylor said, “We’ve wanted to improve our sound and make it bigger. So this is the first album that we worked with a producer on… We wanted to have a really big drum and bass sound, and have it be really beat-heavy.”
“We have songs [on the album] that we feel are better than ‘Reelin.’ I feel like some of the other songs may be a little more approachable radio-wise, but we wanted to put [‘Reelin’] out first for our fans, and because we felt it best represented the direction we’re going in and the sound we’re trying to capture.”

The album, entitled “Hotting Up,” was recorded at EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, produced by acclaimed hip-hop producer King David The Future, engineered by Will Brierre and mixed by Mark Needham, who’s most notably mixed and produced songs for artists such as The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, and Imagine Dragons. Other collaborators assisting in the recording process include the band’s touring member Micah Brown, who played guitar on all of the tracks and sang back-up vocals and Capital Cities trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, is featured on one song.

EastWest Studios has a rich history of being where many big rock albums were recorded, so the band figured it was the perfect place to capture this more emphatic sound.

“We wanted it to be not too new of a sound, but a good blend of our older work. Nothing too far out for the fans,” says Taylor. Rather than re-inventing their sound, the band is merely looking to refine it. “We always want to stay true to our reggae roots, and I think the fans that liked ‘Time Bomb’ will like this album too.”

While Taylor didn’t want to give away the track list just yet, he did admit that the album would consist of nine songs, including “Reelin.” Albeit a short album, the band has high expectations for it.

“For us, this is the best record we’ve ever done, and we’re really excited to put it out,” says Taylor.

The album doesn’t have a definitive release date just yet, but fans won’t have to wait long to hear the new music, as the band is anticipating its release at the end of July, along with a headlining tour planned for the fall.

Stay tuned for more details, including The Pier’s official Review & Star rating for Hotting Up.

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Article By: Andrew Aroche

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