The Pier: Catching Up with Stick Figure

The Pier: Catching Up with Stick Figure

Scott Woodruff and his band Stick Figure are just starting to take the reggae world by storm. Fresh off a summer tour with Slightly Stoopid and the Dirty Heads, Scott and the members of ‘Stick’ are currently enjoying some much-deserved downtime. The Pier was able to speak with the multi-talented Woodruff, discussing all matters music and Cocoa-related.

New Album Set In Stone

“Ever since I was a kid, touring and making music with Slightly Stoopid has been a dream of mine. This summer really was a dream come true.”

And this is far from the last time we will see Slightly Stoopid and Stick Figure on stage together. The two bands have a fall tour in the works, a follow up to this summer’s acclaimed Everything is Awesome nationwide tour. Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald can also be heard on recently released Stick Figure track “Choice is Yours.” The single was recorded by Woodruff on the road, which was a deviation from his usual writing process. Set In Stone

“Normally I write and record during my off time, ‘Choice is Yours’ is the only song I ever recorded while on the road. The track was inspired by a chord progression that I heard on tour. I made the beat and then recorded the whole thing on a laptop and this mini keyboard that we had in the bus.”

A new album is the next item on the docket for Stick Figure. Their popularity has been increasing exponentially as of late and the demand for new music is high among their many loyal followers. Those eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new record need not to worry, Woodruff tells us the new album has just received its final touches. Set to release November 13th, the new record is titled Set In Stone that is said to include over an hour of music that was 3 years in the making.

“The album is 14 tracks and I just completed it. All the mixing is done and there are four features on it: we got the track with Slightly Stoopid, Collie Buddz for ‘Smokin Love’ and a surprise third and fourth guest. Production-wise, this is the biggest and best album we have made so far. I spent a lot of time refining the production and picking new sounds to sample.”

Stick Figure’s Fall tour starts with four straight music festivals before hitting the road with Slightly Stoopid on October 29th. They’ll be performing at the KABOO festival alongside No Doubt and The Killers on Sept 19th, the California Roots hosted Dry Diggins Festival on Sept 25th with Tribal Seeds and the Carolina Sessions on Oct. 3rd with 311 and SOJA before playing the Chillin Music Festival on October 17th with Ballyhoo!. A full list of their upcoming dates can be found below.

Cocoa & the SPCA

Also garnering a lot of attention is Stick Figure’s canine sidekick, Cocoa The Tour Dog. Woodruff adopted the Australian Shepherd from an animal shelter a few years back and Cocoa quickly became a celebrity in her own right. Recent efforts to give back to the shelter Cocoa came from have been met with widespread support from the band.

“I got Cocoa at the SPCA in San Francisco three years ago. It was really just a well-run organization that I was really impressed with when I went to pick her up. They make it really easy to adopt a dog. We set up an online charity to give back because Cocoa has touched our lives as well as those of so many people on the road.”

Fans who wanted to listen to ‘Choice is Yours’ before it came out, Stick Figure featured a pre-release buying option that paid a portion to the SPCA. The pay what you want campaign benefited the shelter that Cocoa came from, which happens to be the current home of other deserving animals. You can support the SPCA online at or by clicking HERE!

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Soaking in the success of a nationwide tour with Slightly Stoopid while they await the release of their November 13th album means life is good right now for the guys of Stick Figure. Their unique sound curated by Woodruff, combined with a killer live show and top tour dog ensures a promising future for the band.

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Article By: Keenan Donath

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