The Pier inside March issue of NUG

The Pier inside March issue of NUG

The Pier was interviewed and featured inside The March ’11 issue of Nug Magazine. Nug Magazine is a San Diego, CA based magazine that focuses its content on Medical Cannabis, Health & Wellness, Entertainment & Politics. In an interview titled Goin Global w/ The Pier, we were asked a few questions about the recent changes to the site, why we focus on Reggae-Rock, our online community and our plans for future compilations!

Nug Magazine has also just launched a record label and last Friday night, they held a Nug Record Label party with newly signed artist, Subliminal Trip. A reggae-rock group based out of San Diego, CA.

Huge thanks to sandieganliz & the whole Nug Mag Fam for the interview!

Check out Nug Magazine online and pick up a copy of the March ’11 issue! They’re FREE!

Keep in mind, Nug Magazine is for entertainment and educational purposes only and are intended for mature audiences.