Through The Roots ft. Eric Rachmany

Through The Roots ft. Eric Rachmany

When artists spend enough time together, they tend to write music together. Through The Roots’ Evan Hawkins filled in on guitar for Rebelution while on tour in 2014 and in 2015, Through The Roots has a new single with Rebelution guitarist/vocalist Eric Rachmany on vocals.
The track is called “Bear With Me” and it was originally composed by Eric Rachmany and Evan Hawkins on the “Give Thanks” tour of 2012. The song sat idle until another Rebelution tour in 2014 when Eric and Evan recorded the verses during an off-day in Montana, as a show had been postponed due to inclement weather. The final recording session for the song was filmed and a music video will be released soon.

The track will be made available through all digital outlets as of February 3rd. Production team Live Animaux helped re-create the track in a unique, modern style. Live Animaux is a premier production team featuring a former drummer of The Green (and current Hot Rain drummer) Leslie Ludiazo, J.P Kennedy of The Green, and Christian Mochizuki.

The song is a hard hitting reggae jam that borders as a clubby, dance-track as the song evolves. Vocally, Evan & Eric sound good together on the same track. The song is a good addition to the music collection and a step forward for Through The Roots who have been rather quiet over the last year.

Through The Roots is currently on the road with shows booked from now till March 21st with another gig booked for April 23rd as you’ll see from the dates below. They will play in 28 different cities over 15 states sharing the stage alongside The Green on their Chocolates & Roses tour in addition to New Kingston, Thrive, Tribal Seeds and more.

through the roots Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti