Tribal Seeds – “Did Wrong” (Stream)

Tribal Seeds – “Did Wrong” (Stream)

What’s better than Tribal Seeds on the road? Tribal Seeds on the road with new tunes! The new single, “Did Wrong” will be ready for our listening pleasure March 13th. The song will be available on iTunes and Amazon for fans ready for a new hit from the San Diego band.

The Pier got in touch with Steve, who leads with vocals and guitar, and T-Ray, who rocks the keys, about the new single. T-Ray shared that Steve wrote and produced the song with some help from the band. Steve told us that the song, “Is about past relationship problems which I’m sure we can all relate to. I’m basically singing the song as if I’m talking to the girl and asking what I did wrong.”

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The down-to-earth band is not only sharing some personal life experiences in their music but also sharing some live music with us! Sunday March 11, Tribal Seeds will be holding a live online webcast at 2pm (PST) for the fans to catch “Did Wrong” right from home by clicking HERE! They will be sending 50% of proceeds from the broadcast to the Young At Art Organization for supporting and encouraging art amongst children. So check out the broadcast and support Tribal Seeds in their efforts to reach out to the community, and of course spread their love with a new song!

Tribal Seeds has been putting some new tunes together in the last few months. With another single “Run The Show” that dropped December 20, 2011, we can hopefully get pumped for a new album soon. Their last album release was back in May 2009 when The Harvest hit the scene and since then we have had just a couple singles and the SoundWaves EP.

The Pier asked T-Ray about some feedback about the upcoming album and if there are any surprises in mind. He said, “We’re hoping to release an album late summer or fall. We do have some collaborations in mind but won’t give it away just yet.” So we are all a little anxious with anticipation of new album but just stay posted with The Pier because once Tribal Seeds announces it, we will be sharing all the details with you, the fans!

Currently, Tribal Seeds is about halfway through the Run The Show Tour with Fortunate Youth. With new music from Tribal Seeds as well as Fortunate Youth’s new tune, “One Love,” these songs are definitely rockin’ the ears of reggae-rockers at their shows. T-Ray said that the band has been playing “Did Wrong” and some covers from the legendary Bob Marley! So check out the dates to see if they are stopping nearby, so you can check out all the new songs live!

Tribal Seeds Tour Dates:
Mar. 9 @ Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
Mar. 10 @ Middle East, Cambridge, MA (18+)
Mar. 11 @ World Cafe Live, Philliadelphia, PA
Mar. 13 @ Firebird, St. Louis, MO
Mar. 15 @ Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO
Mar. 16 @ The Fox, Boulder, CO

Article By: Alyssa Torres