Upcoming Album Reviews!

Upcoming Album Reviews!

Have you ever picked up a new album, with say 12 songs, but after listening to it, you walk away only connecting with maybe 3-4 of the songs? Now are you thrilled on the album based on those 3-4 songs or are you just stoked on the songs by them self?

We appreciate the art and contribution with all music, but as fans, we like to give our honest review of what we hear. All of our reviews are based on the album from start to finish as a whole & the writers give their star rating to reflect the review of the entire album, not just highlighting those 3 or 4 good songs. As stated, the review is reflected of the album from start to finish, its not our review of the band. All of our reviews are by staff writers that give their 110% honest, unbiased review of the album. Otherwise, there’s nothing unique or original about the review if all reviews are 5 stars with every song being gold. If that was the case, we mine as well not have album reviews if we’re to give every album the same review with different verbiage.

Anything 2.5 Stars & up is what our writers consider a recommended album to listen & purchase. It also means our writers weren’t able to connect with every song on the album and if that’s the case, they articulate what about those songs they weren’t able to personally connect with.

Because music is so subjective, we don’t expect readers to agree with every review or star rating, which is why we encourage everyone to read the review & listen to the music to form your own opinion & review to share with the community.

The Pier has 2 albums currently under review with Tomorrows Bad Seeds Live Acoustic EP & Knowledgeborn 07’s latest release with Cosmic Knowledge. Come by this Monday, January 17th to read the reviews. We look forward to your review as well!
Feel free to share your opinion & review with us inside The Pier Forum or by leaving a comment on the page of the Review!

See you Monday!

Knowledgeborn 07 – Cosmic Knowledge
Reviewed by Chris Castro

Tomorrows Bad Seeds – Live Acoustic EP
Reviewed by Mariana Norcalchika Rojas