Update From The Movement

Update From The Movement

We are so stoked to announce that The Movement has officially announced the name of their new album “Side by Side”. Catching up with Josh Swain on the phone, he took a break from the studio out in California where the guys have been tirelessly working, to give The Pier all the details…

There has been some recent hype surrounding the possibility of a name change from The Movement to “MVMT” but lead singer Josh Swain assures fans, “We can work our way around it, we’ve been The Movement since I was eighteen, the name matters to me.”

We here at The Pier are excited to share the production of “Side by Side” that the crew has been working on. With a shuffle in the groups line up, the group now consists of Joshua Swain on Vocals/Guitar, Gary Dread on Drums & Jay Smiles on Bass.

Josh Swain said, “This has been the best recording experience I’ve ever had in my life. We’re having a great time; it’s been the most relaxed. We stay up late and get up early and get it done.”

The guys are spending two weeks laying down Side by Side out of The Compound studio in San Diego, CA working with producers Christopher Harwin & Larry “LUX” Schmidt

Most of that excitement comes from the freedom that the guys are experiencing through producing their own album. Swain shares, “No one else who is making the calls except for us, and Chris is the best producer we’ve ever worked with.”

The album is bound to include diverse and beautiful tunes and collaborations from some of your favorite musical ninjas. Swain adds, “We’re going to have Rafa (Rafael Rodriguez of SOJA) and Helms (Hellman Escorcia of SOJA) and G Love and the keyboardist from G Love (Mark Boyce) coming through, and we’ll see what happens. We have a big team, we’re all friends.”

As The Movement works hard, they hold true to the core values that started their whole musical journey to success. Josh Swain says, “The bottom line is it’s not about making a ton of money or corporate responsibility. The past is the past and the new shit is the new shit. The whole reason we started doing it is to have fun.”

The new album seeks to prove the questions on the back of the guy’s minds, “Can we go on tour? Have fun? And make a good album?”

We’ll leave that up to the fans to decide, but we at The Pier already know the answer. Side by Side will be released summer 2013. Come back for details on the groups new single & plans to tour this spring!

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Article By: Zia Lucia-Miller