Updated Album Reviews

Updated Album Reviews

Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we take a look at brand new releases by Rootdown & GroundScore. Both of these albums are new May releases. See what our staff had to say about each new release!

Rootdown – Tidal Wave

Debuting their first full length album, Rootdown’s Tidal Wave is breaking offshore with north swells of reggae developing into an A-frame break of rock, pop & upbeat rhyming, showing off an original approach and direction the group is taking with their evolving sound. Tidal Wave holds 10 brand new songs, displaying a legitimate push for the radio, with every song being a candidate. The album carries a positive, socially conscience & uplifting message of…READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Mike Patti

GroundScore – Speed Kills

GroundScore’s 17-track sophomore album is proof that original methods of producing and recording tracks can sometimes outshine contemporary ways that are technically modified or sometimes completely computer-generated. GroundScore recorded “Speed Kills” using a 2 inch tape recorder typically used in 1980s. It all paid off too, it is the more natural way of….READ MORE
-Written & Reviewed by: Matt Emodi