Zen Robbi’s Acoustic Album!

Zen Robbi’s Acoustic Album!

Long Beach, CA’s Zen Robbi is in the midst of releasing their 4th full length album sometime this July. It’s an acoustic album with a slew of guest appearances and Mic Dangerously, front man of Zen Robbi, drops in with an update for all Pier fans. The name of the new release is Lovely in the Middle – An Acoustic Collection that features guest appearances by Jamie Bullock of International Farmers, Todd Foreman of Sublime, Micah Brown, and Travis Walpole of Fortunate Youth.

Here’s an update from Mic Dangerously:
Wasuuuup party people?!? Mic Dangerously from ZEN ROBBI here, and I’m writing to everyone’s favorite source for all things Rock/Reggae, THE PIER.ORG, to drop the hype on the new ZR album, and let ya know what kinda mischief we’ve been up to lately..

As of January this year, we started working on our newest album, “Lovely in the Middle – An Acoustic Collection”, and we couldn’t be more psyched on it! This album marks number four for us, and we definitely did a few things differently on this one. Having done the last few records at Top Notch, World Class Studios, this time we decided to go off the grid guerilla style in search of a gritty, punk rock, ghettofab lo-def sound and vibe. So we gathered all of our gear along with our good friend Nature Boy Jackson over at “Fork n Spoon Studios”, and proceeded to start recording the most bad grassroots record you’ll ever hear. Straight the f*** up Chuck.

This time we left out all the fun effects pedals and ten piece drums sets. There’s no studio magic to hide behind, just raw organic soul and feel. We’re recording everything on acoustic guitars and ancient recording equipment, and with a little help from our friends, we are just about to lay down vocals and mix so we can release the record by July 2011. We are pumped for everyone to hear it, and you know THE PIER will have sneak peek for their leak of the week.

Special guests so far include Jamie Bullock (International Farmers), Todd Foreman (Sublime), Micah Brown, and Travis Walpole (Fortunate Youth) just to name a few…We can’t wait to release this one into the wild for you guys, so stay tuned! Be excellent to each other.. And party on dudes.

-Mic Dangerously, Zen Robbi

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In the meantime, if your in the Long Beach area, feel free to catch Zen Robbi Live with Tomorrows Bad Seeds & Sinizen @ DiPiazza’s on May 20th 2011. This is a fund raiser to help ZR raise money for this acoustic release!