Updated Concert Articles

Updated Concert Articles

Between Katchafire, Common Kings & The Driftaways on a Wednesday night in St. Louis, MO or Passafire rockin’ a rager in Lake Worth, FL last Friday, The Pier enjoyed the last few days of March with some great live music! Lets check the articles complete with photos…

Date: Friday March 30th, 2012
Who: Passafire
Location: Propaganda. Lake Worth, FL

  • For weeks my Facebook was flooded with Passafire related status updates and all my friends could talk about was seeing Passafire at Propaganda in downtown Lake Worth. By the time the doors opened at 8:45pm on Friday there was already a line around the block. Eager fans quickly filled the small venue and the atmosphere was instantly charged with the collective anticipation….READ MORE

  • Date: Wednesday March 28th, 2012
    Who: Katchafire, Common Kings, The Driftaways
    Location: The Firebird. Sant Louis, MO

  • On Wednesday night, the Firebird welcomed New Zealand’s Katchafire to Saint Louis for a night of reggae and roots music. The eight-piece group is currently en route to the West Coast in the first half of their yearly American tour. Musicians and fans had gathered to experience Katchafire’s first show in Saint Louis, and as Juan Rios of the Common Kings put it, “The firebird goes off!”…READ MORE