Video Premiere: TreeHouse! – “Prayer for the Day”

Video Premiere: TreeHouse! – “Prayer for the Day”

Reggae jam rockers TreeHouse! out of Myrtle Beach, SC, have collaborated with The Pier for the exclusive premiere of the new music video for their upcoming single “Prayer for the Day.” Produced by Kuli Productions, the video highlights the pristine Carolina coastline that the band calls home, and sends the message to count each day as a blessing.

Watch: “Prayer for the Day” – TreeHouse! [Pre-order on all platforms at]

“Prayer for the Day” was recorded alongside Spiritual Rez lead singer Toft Willingham (producer/recording engineer) at 9B Studio in Milford, MA. TreeHouse! frontman Jeremy Anderson sees the song as a graduated sequel to their 2013 hit-single “Blessings,” which recently surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify. 

“Prayer for the Day” will be available for download and streaming on all outlets beginning Friday, June 22nd. Pre-order for the single is available by visiting the TreeHouse! website linked below. TreeHouse! will also be supporting the single with their “Prayer for the Day” tour, which kicks off on June 21st in Atlanta, GA. 

Speaking about the inspiration for the track, Anderson says, “I woke up one morning with this line in my head. It’s nothing fancy or complex. It’s just an approach to giving thanks in a simple and straightforward way. It felt like a song that already exists, and I felt like it should exist. At least for my own sake, and as my own mantra.”

The music video for “Prayer for the Day” features TreeHouse! jamming out on their hometown beaches in South Carolina, The video also follows the story of a young aspiring surfer, portrayed by 13-year old surfer Cam Davis, who is dealing with a less-than-ideal home life. Following the message of the song, the boy remains hopeful and eventually finds a mentor, played by drummer Justin Heter from Electric Soul Pandemic, who helps him achieve his surfing dreams.

Anderson finishes by adding his own personal positivity and optimism, saying, “Let’s be thankful for all the little things, as they add up. In this  time of cynicism, it’s important to openly express our hope and faith with intention and without fear or doubt.” We can also be optimistic for more new TreeHouse! music in the near future, with Anderson revealing that “a new album is on the horizon.” For now we’ll enjoy the new single and music video for “Prayer for the Day.”

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Article By: Brian Winters