Stick Figure Drops New Single ‘World on Fire’

Stick Figure Drops New Single ‘World on Fire’

While the full details surrounding Stick Figure’s seventh full-length album have yet to surface, the Scott Woodruff-led ensemble has revealed the third single from the forthcoming record that features Slightly Stoopid

Stick Figure – “World on Fire” (ft. Slightly Stoopid)

The timeliness of the single’s arrival is stellar, as the School’s out for Summer Tour featuring Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure and Pepper kicked off June 7 in Bonner, Montana. The full capacity of the tour will run 41 dates through August 12 eventually concluding in Chicago, so there will be plenty of opportunity for onstage collaborations in which fans will look forward to hearing the track performed live.

“World on Fire” marks the third track from the forthcoming album, joining “Easy Runaway” and “Above the Storm” which were released over the past several months dating back to late 2017. Additionally, in the vicinity of building up to the tour and the release of a new album, Scott Woodruff has kept busy from a creativity perspective having recently revealed his “Freeflow Sessions” that feature guest musicians showcasing their improvisational skills.KeithZacharski_StickFigure__20170210_2Q8A1722

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As for the track itself, “World on Fire” is an instrumental delight. Lyrically, the track allows the listener to draw their own conclusion. At first listen the track provides the listener with imagery of a post-apocalyptic world, hinting that those with overwhelming riches contribute to chaos and destruction. The album art for the single is equally as provocative – crumbling, broken down buildings with billowing smoke serve as a focal point with a jungle-themed background (following suit to the previous two singles). See for yourself and check out the track below!

“If I had all the money in the world / I’d probably burn it down
If I had all the riches in the world / I’d surely burn it down
Who set the world on fire / Who set the world on fire?
Who set the world on fire / It was me who set the world on fire”

It is believed that the full details for Stick Figure’s new record and follow-up to 2015’s Set in Stone will be revealed in the not too distant future – The Pier was informed previously that the album will feature 10-12 tracks and that it was described by Woodruff as “that classic Stick Figure sound, but taken to new heights, recorded in our brand new music studio in California.”

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Article By: Brian Glaser
Photo By: In The Barrel Photo

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