Interview: Pepper

Dub Rock Syndicate is an online reggae website that spotlights Colorado Reggae Music. It was on this site where we were fortunate enough to meet owners/brothers Chad & Kyle Hillje. This past summer Chad & Kyle sat down & interviewed Pepper while @ the Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the unity tour w/311 & Offspring. It [...]

Review: Josh Heinrichs & Friends

Josh Heinrichs - Josh Heinrichs & Friends Track Listing: 1.) Stand (feat. BW) 2.) Cant Get High (feat. Caleb Keolanui of The Green) 3.) New Love (feat. Clear Conscience) 4.) Rise Above (feat. Koko of Inna Visioin) 5.) For our Love (feat. Hani Totorewa of Katchafire) 6.) Pressure Drop (feat. Cas Haley) 7.) These Days [...]
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