Artist Radar: The Originalites

Artist Radar: The Originalites

This week, The Pier’s Artist Radar is on SKA/DUB/PUNK group The Originalites. Check back every Thursday for a NEW Artist Radar complete with artist background, photo, a FREE MP3 Download and MORE!
Enjoy the read on The Originalites…

The Originalites Bio/Background:
In 2008 Daniel Tello (Guitar), Peter Fontes (Drums), Tim Frankeny (Bass) started playing music together at the end of their senior year in high school (FVHS). Before that Peter and Daniel played guitar and drums together off and on, whenever they wanted to for fun. One year after in December, Tim, Peter, Daniel were playing together as a band where they met Mike Belk at AFRICAN CORNER in FV, CA. (Now in Costa mesa) Mike showed up with his sax and Peter called him over and we created some music for the first time ever with Mike.. We (Tim, Peter, Daniel) were blown away by the sax and asked Mike later that night if he could show up to some practices and play with us… and that’s how 3 became 4!

Our music is best described as SKA/DUB/PUNK but we also incorporate Latin and psychedelic styles into our sound. We have become much tighter and powerful over the years as a band. We like to keep our minds open to many different styles of music and stay original. Our music has evolved with the addition of MIKE’s SAX and everyone’s influences mixing together and pouring out into our own original creations. Peter is influenced by PUNK music and SKA. Tim is influenced by Dub and Classic rock, Daniel is influenced by Classic Rock and Latin music. Mike is influenced by Classic rock, Jazz and Bosa Nova.

Free Originalites MP3:

FREE Song: Sidewalk Ska (Live)

What is this song about?
“Well, it’s an instrumental so there’s no words except “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!” The feeling we get from this track is the desire of doin’ some intense surfing or sidewalk surfing, another words skateboarding. Watch the video and you’ll get the idea!”
-The Originalites

The Originalite’s Upcoming Shows
May 14th @ Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Long Beach w/ One Draw
May 24th @ Surf City Nights Street Fair & Farmer’s Market
May 26th @ Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmer’s Market
May 28th @ “I GOT MY BEER GOGGLES ON” wherehouse party in Los Angeles
May 30th @ The Sandpiper in Laguna Beach
June 3rd @ Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa w/ Pato Banton & Sinizen
June 10th @ The Crest in Torrance
June 11th @ Fountain Valley Summerfest 2011
July 23rd @ J King Neptunes in Sunset Beach w/ Cali Conscious & Special C
August 27th @ The Hangar in Manhattan Beach w/ Special C
September 1st @ The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano w/ Pato Banton

The Originalites Links:
The Originalites Website
The Originalites Youtube

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  • Here is the video to the Sidewalk SKA by The Originalites