The Expendables “Pleasure Point” (Album Review)

Santa Cruz’s hometown heroes, The Expendables, released their eighth studio album June 23rd, and the name couldn’t be more fitting. Pleasure Point harkens back to the quartet’s musical and geographical roots as a reggae/surf rock/punk-adjacent band coming up on the coast of central California. It’s the comeback album we all needed to hear. After a […]

Long Beach Dub Allstars – Echo Mountain High (Album Review)

MUSIC PIONEERS LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS ECHOS THEIR ROOTS WITH HIGHLY ACCLAIMED ECHO MOUNTAIN HIGH OUT NOW CHECK IT! Long Beach Dub Allstars giving us their highs and lows keeping it real all the way through this mad compilation of music mixing it up with reggae, rock, punk, dub, and Ska it feels so right […]

KASH’D OUT “Butter” (Album Review)

KASH’D OUT CHANNELS THEIR OWN VIBE IN THIS WORLDWIDE MUSIC RELEASE BUTTER – AND THE BOYS AND ARE HITTING THE ROAD! KASH’D OUT “Butter” Album Review The Florida boys are killing it again! Kash’d Out new album Butter displays their diversity and mission into their own music path. The band has remained steadfast to originality, […]

RAS-1 Returns With New EP (Album Review)

FOUNDING MEMBER LONG BEACH DUB ALL STARS RAS-1 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S OG– DROPS MIND-BLOWING SELF-TITLED EP Founding member of Long Beach Dub All-Stars, RAS-1 has created a self-titled masterpiece compilation for your listening ears. Southern California’s music pioneer and innovator has delved deeper into life, the good, the bad and even the darkest moments of life. […]

ROME & DUDDY “Cactus Cool” (Album Review)

LEGENDARY FRONTMEN ROME AND DUDDY DROP A BANGER OF AN ALBUM: CACTUS COOL   The boys are knocking it out of the park again, my friends! Rome (Roman Ramírez) from Sublime with Rome, and Duddy (Dustin Bushnell) from Dirty Heads, are turning up with their latest album, Cactus Cool, released last month. This is a […]

Review: Ocean Alley – Chiaroscuro

Ocean Alley - Chiaroscuro Track Listing: 1.) Corduroy 2.) The Comedown 3.) Happy Sad 4.) Confidence 5.) Knees 6.) Rage 7.) She's Always Right 8.) Frostbite 9.) Overgrown 10.) Bones 11.) Flowers and Booze 12.) Man You Were Looking For The Pier Album Rating: Release Date: March 9th, 2018 Official Website: Ocean Alley Website Artist [...]

Review: Roots of Creation – Grateful Dub

Roots of Creation - Grateful Dub Track Listing: 1.) Fire On The Mountain (ft. Stephen Marley & Marlon Asher) 2.) They Love Each Other (ft. Hayley Jane) 3.) Friend Of The Devil 4.) Deal (ft. The Aggrolites & Melvin Seals) 5.) Casey Jones (ft. Fortunate Youth) 6.) Black Muddy River (ft. Melvin Seals) 7.) Ripple [...]

Review: Perro Bravo – Case Pacific

Perro Bravo - Case Pacific 1.) Dr. Chopper 2.) For Chinaski 3.) Huevos Revueltos (feat. Roger Rivas & Tim Wu) 4.) History Repeats 5.) DJ Product (feat. DJ Product 69 & Roger Rivas) 6.) Wrong Direction 7.) Coastal Access (feat. Roger Rivas) 8.) Fish on the Line (feat. Roger Rivas) 9.) Pick Me Up (Off [...]