Dirty Heads Release New Single “Vacation”

Dirty Heads Release New Single “Vacation”

It’s summertime so it should come as no surprise that the Dirty Heads are boasting a new single in lieu of the summer months to play as your soundtrack with their new song “Vacation.” The group releases the single amidst their Summer tour with SOJA and have announced that this track will be included on a new album, expected to drop this September!

It seems as though Dirty Heads are always timely releasing a new summertime single — We can trace the pattern back to “Lay Me Down” in 2010 to a couple years later with “Cabin By The Sea,”, “My Sweet Summer” and last year’s “That’s All I Need.” The singles always get plenty of love from the radio stations and the hope remains with their latest single “Vacation.”
Dirty Heads
Vocalist Jared “Dirty J” Watson comments, “I want ‘Vacation’ to speak to people out there who have paid their dues and love their jobs. For those who don’t enjoy what they do every day, it sends a message that, ‘It’s not too late to do something else.’ If you’re not happy, life is way too f**king short to hang around doing something you don’t love. We’re blessed to do something we’re passionate about. We hope you feel the same!”

The song was produced by Jonas Jeberg who is a frequent collaborator with Dirty Heads and is known for his prior work with Demi Lovato, Juicy J, and Nicki Minaj. There’s not much information available on their new album expected to drop in September, but we’ve read in recent interviews that its best described as Acoustic-Hip Hop.

We do know that the group has been working with Nick Hexum of 311 and when we caught up with Nick for a recent Interview, he told us: “We had started a song over a year ago, and then I went in and finished it. It was just with vocalists Jared and Duddy B. from Dirty Heads on the first session. The second session was at Rome Ramirez’s studio and he was involved as a producer and collaborator. So that was a fun session, good friends of ours that we’ve done a lot shows with and we’re very friendly with –- I like to mix up the experience of where I record and who I record with. But yeah I’m pretty sure they’re gonna use that song on their album and I’m going to be guest vocalist on it, so that’s cool.”

It doesn’t appear there is any slowing Dirty Heads momentum as the group just released a brand new album last Summer with their self-titled record and then their 4-song Dessert EP this past Spring and now a new album expected this Fall. You can pick up Dirty Heads new single “Vacation” on iTunes by clicking HERE!


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Article By: Mike Patti

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