DubShot Records Summer Sampler

DubShot Records Summer Sampler

NY-Jamaican-Reggae based DubShot Records, an ever growing hybrid label, has once again put together their summer compilation. Featuring various tracks within several genres covered by the label, the sampler showcases artists and music in Reggae, Rock, and Hip-Hop.

Growing out of a small venture, Reggae enthusiast, Mannix Schlarb, initially formed the label just to put friends on it, and work on his own projects. Mannix then partnered with Inner Circle, who came on board with their entire collection. This extensive discography included all of the Jacob Miller archives, “Bad Boys”, “Sweet,” & 30 something years of Reggae music.

With the label’s first major singing, DubShot Records now had full marketable opportunity. “We went on a crazy singing rampage” explains Mannix “We signed tons of acts associated with Jamaica and Sean Paul’s crew, Transdub Massive, Coppershot Music, Rootz Underground, and a few others.” Dubshot then went onto work with local acts such as The RBC and Prince Polo, before acquiring Dave Kelly’s entire Madhouse catalog, expanding the label to include top of the line, quality Crossover Jamaican music.

Highlighting everything the label has grown to become, the release of Dubshot’s 2013 Summer Sampler, allows fans to preview current projects available under the Dubshot brand. Explained by Mannix, the sampler “…gives a preview of releases that are coming out, and tracks the label has available for sale. It’s a sampler, so there are records available for each one of these artist. Several are the newer tracks we are introducing, some of these projects haven’t even been pushed yet, so we are just trying to bring some awareness to the songs.”

“It’s a movement that spotlights all 3 types of genres the label is in right now.” Discussing the sounds of the sampler Mannix describes the range of tracks:

“It starts with a big track from Rootz Underground and Toots Hibbert with a real rootsy tune. There’s, J Boogs cover of Jacob Miller’s ‘I got the Handle’ from the Hawaiian tribute album, keeping that roots vibe. Then Prince Polo keeps it in that sort of Dub vibe with ‘Crossover’ featuring Johnny Osbourne. Then it transitions into a rockers kind of sound with The RBC’s ‘Never Get Burned’ a Twinkles Brothers cover. We also got the second single with Inner Circle with Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage, as well as an IC2 remix track shooting for more of the dance scene with Pitbull, Peetah Morgan and the Inner Circle producers. Then there’s a couple straight Dancehall tracks with Baby Cham and Bounty Killer. We like to put out some Hip Hop from time to time, so we ended the sampler with a track from Bizerk and a ‘weed anthem’ from Kinght Blade!”

Be sure to check out the 2013 Summer Sampler, its available to stream for free HERE!

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Article By: Aaron Solomon