Get Ready for Sultry Summer Nights with Stylie’s Sensual “Smooth Sailin'”

Get Ready for Sultry Summer Nights with Stylie’s Sensual “Smooth Sailin'”

Stylie, an independent reggae-rock band hailing from Colorado, just unveiled their latest album, Smooth Sailin, and it’s an instant captivator.

By Kelly Graham
You might find yourself questioning how a band with such an authentic Cali reggae sound isn’t from the shores of San Diego or the sunny beaches of Florida, as Stylie effortlessly nails the reggae vibe. The album kicks off with the title track, “Smooth Sailin” boasting an instrumental style reminiscent of Stick Figure, yet infused with Stylie’s own distinctive flair. Filled with echoing dub effects, silky vocals, and tranquil lyrics, this track is definitely a stand out.

Courtesy of Stylie

While sun-soaked, daytime reggae tunes have their charm, there’s something undeniably seductive about, what I like to call, nighttime reggae music, and this album delivers that allure in spades. Tracks like “Heavy Vibes,” ooze with sultriness, featuring heavy basslines and an atmospheric aura that beckons you to unwind under the stars with a drink or perfectly rolled blunt in hand, and just vibe as you lose yourself in the music and the moment.

“Boom Bap” shines as yet another exceptional track. Its lyrics may be simplistic and repetitive, but the vocals possess an irresistibly smooth and sexy quality. The dreamy instrumentals create a captivating soundscape, transporting you to a distant realm.

I had the opportunity to chat with the band’s frontman, G. Blaze, regarding this remarkable release, as well as production and upcoming tours.

TP – Wow! I love the album, what sound were you guys looking to create with Smooth Sailin?

GB- I wouldn’t say that we set out to fit a particular vibe when starting this album. It’s more about experimentation for us, and seeing what sticks. I love spending time in the studio, tinkering with various pieces of equipment until something clicks—be it a chord progression or a unique sound. From there, the band builds on it, layering hooks and melodies. We don’t shy away from scrapping ideas that don’t feel right, ensuring that what makes the album is purely what resonates with us. I feel like this album is pretty eclectic. The songs vary from heavy, dub-infused tracks to ethereal, almost house-like tunes, to rap/hip hop, all while maintaining a core reggae sound. We’re all about pushing boundaries with synths and samples to see how far we can take our production.

TP – I do see a lot of styles on this album, who are your influences?

GB – Our list of influences is endless…From bluegrass to reggae to pop to rap, if we like it then it will come out in our work. We all grew up as massive fans of roots reggae music and lucked out with digital services like Itunes coming about in our youth. It allowed us to really dig deep into a huge discography of reggae music that previously wasn’t easily available. The blossoming Cali Reggae/Modern Reggae scene has also been a huge influence and we always keep up to date with the latest releases.

TP – How about production — is it all in house?

GB – Yes, all production for Smooth Sailin was handled in-house at our own studio, which we’ve affectionately dubbed (pun intended) Dub Farm Records. We do everything from songwriting to recording to mixing. The only aspect we outsource is mastering, ensuring that the final touches are as polished as possible.

TP – I bet you’re super stoked to play these songs live! You were recently announced on the Reggae Rise Up Vegas lineup, that’s exciting. Any other dates fans can check you out?

GB – Absolutely! We are working on an upcoming tour, which will center around our appearance at Reggae Rise Up Vegas. We plan to hit stages across Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. We’ll share more details soon!

Stylie’s commitment to experimentation and boundary-pushing production shines through on this release, showcasing their dedication to creating music that will deeply resonate with fans. As the band sets sail on upcoming tours, including a well deserved appearance at Reggae Rise Up Vegas, fans can eagerly anticipate experiencing the magic of these tunes live, where the band’s infectious energy and dynamic performances are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, whether you’re swaying under starlit skies or grooving to the beat at a live show, Stylie’s Smooth Sailin is a voyage you won’t want to miss. Go give these guys a follow at @styliemusic to stay up to date with future tour announcements.

Courtesy of Stylie