How to Beat the Post-Festival Blues

How to Beat the Post-Festival Blues

We all know the days immediately following a festival are kind of a bummer. It’s easy to feel sad. I get it. Between the sensory overload, social marathoning, the constant stream of hugs and loud music and laughter; it’s a lot. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

By Allie Adams

I’m writing this because Cali roots just ended and I know everyone is probably suffering from some type of post dopamine-hit letdown.

Photo by Jem San Pedro | Courtesy of California Roots/Good Vibez Presents

Going back to normal life seems legitimately scary and sad after this weekend. How could regular life ever be as good as these last three dats? But Cali Roots (and any festival) is just one weekend of 52 weekends we are lucky enough to have every year. It’s a small part of the grand vista of our lives. It’s your job to make the other 51 weekends a year something great, too.

After many Cali Roots (and festivals in general) I have figured out how to make the week after a festival a little less sad. With the help of these tips, you may just survive after all.

1. Sleep for 16 hours. It doesn’t have to be that long, but you are more exhausted than you think. IDK about you, but being tired automatically makes me more emotional and I’m trying to level out my moods after so much excitement and elevated energy.


2. Look at all your pictures and videos! Relive the moments! Laugh at the ridiculous faces you made and the photobombs and the lasers from the headliner and that amazing churro you ate.


3. Listen to your favorite artists from the weekend. Most festivals have a YouTube with videos from years past. Go find your favorite artists set from four years ago! Play the official festival playlist! Find albums from the artists you discovered over the weekend! Fill your cup with music that makes you feel something.

Photo by Jem San Pedro | Courtesy of California Roots/Good Vibez Presents

4. Take a shower, get some sunshine and eat a full meal. I know this seems elementary, but it’s soooo easy to shirk self care when you’re exhausted from a festival. I know it seems counter intuitive, because you’re *so* tired, but taking care of yourself will give you the energy you need to get your life together, drive home, and unpack everything.


5. Call your friends (whether they went to the fest with you or not) and talk to them about your favorite parts of the weekend. My good friend, Ann, always asks everyone after every festival, “What was your favorite moment and what did you learn?”


6. Start planning for your next festival (or concert)! This is probably the most fun thing out of the list to do. Brainstorming your next trip does wonders for distracting the mind and while I don’t think it’s a cure from the sadness, a win is a win, and shifting your focus to the next big event does wonders for my PMA, personally.  


7. This one is controversial because I, myself, only stopped drinking alcohol in the last year BUT… Don’t get too fucked up the last night. If you can avoid being hungover the Monday after the festival you will likely be much less depressed. Most substances (aside from weed and mushrooms IMO) obliterate your dopamine and it takes awhile to bounce back. Again, not preaching because believe me I’ve been there—just sharing my personal experience. 


8. Wear your new merch, smoke the weed you got from the guy next you at the headliner, slap a sticker on your laptop you got for free at the meet and greet. Decorate your life with reminders of the festival.


9. Stay an extra day in town, if you can. Explore the local sights and eat some good food (see number 4) while you decompress and regulate your nervous system. There’s something to be said for slowly assimilating back into civilian life.

Photo by Jem San Pedro | Courtesy of California Roots/Good Vibez Presents