Krooked Treez to Release New Collab. Single

Krooked Treez to Release New Collab. Single

Los Angeles, CA based Reggae-Rock-Hip Hop group Krooked Treez have a new song in the works titled “Militant Soldiers.” You can’t hear it because it’s not yet released, but it features guest appearances by vocalist Karim Israel of Arise Roots and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill.

Krooked Treez is one of those groups I have been an instant personal fan of and rooting for since they dropped their debut album, Higher Place, back in July 2013. The momentum of that release, in addition to their live shows, lead them to being voted Break-Out Artist of the Year for the 2013 Pier Awards.

Since then, they’ve had a tumultuous tenure as a band — After about a year of Higher Place being released, vocalist Bzbwai and guitarist Adam Willis would leave the group to pursue a new band. During that time, original Krooked Treez vocalist O. Brown and original bassist Bobby Zen would continue on with Krooked Treez, even releasing music with Moi J. Quinn of Tomorrows Bad Seeds on guest vocals, in addition to Krooked Treeztrying out a new singer/guitarist, Nick Papageorge, whom Krooked Treez initially planned to release a full length record with. Those plans didn’t pan out as Nick would leave the Treez, opening the door for the original line-up to re-group and that’s what they did as of this summer.

With the original line-up back together, they’re starting to sound like themselves again. They have been working with producer Brian Vasquez out of BNV Studios in Burbank, CA which is where we come full circle with Krooked Treez releasing a new single with fellow LA Natives, Karim Israel of Arise Roots and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill.

“Karim and I talked about doing a track together before he went on his last tour,” O. Brown tells The Pier. “Bzbwai was already working at BNV Studios with Brian Vasquez. Brian played a few tracks and he played one with Karim on the hook and I was like ‘Damnnnn I got a verse for that!’ I jumped on the mic immediately and dropped my verse. Bzbwai wrote his part after I came out of the booth and then he went in and recorded.”

O. Brown happens to be longtime friends with Sen Dog and after he emailed him a copy of the track, Sen Dog came into the studio and recorded his part after writing his verse. This rounded out the collaboration on what is said to be a classic West Coast LA Reggae Hip-Hop track.

Vocalist, Bzbwai tells The Pier: “We all rep Los Angeles and we’re all soldiers of the same struggle. Its about racial injustice. To motivate and inspire our people. Stand up for what you believe in and stand up for whats right. Keep the peace one love.”

Krooked Treez looks to drop the single, “Militant Soldiers,” by November 2016 accompanied by a music video to which the group is enlisting legendary photographer & director, Estaven Oriol, to shoot. They’re working with two producers on the new record; the aforementioned Brian Vasquez and Josh Stoney Eye out of BNV Studios in Burbank, CA. Stay tuned for more details.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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