Live: Kimie, Mike Love, Tubby Love (5-30-14)

Live: Kimie, Mike Love, Tubby Love (5-30-14)


Date: Friday, May 30th, 2014
Line Up: Kimie, Mike Love, Tubby Love
Venue: Jazzbones. Tacoma, WA

Cas Haley was originally on the bill for the first ever Spirit Soul & Songs tour but was unable to join due to unfortunate circumstances. That did not stop Hawaiian artists Tubby Love, Mike Love, and Kimie Miner from continuing the tour, ending the run at Jazzbones in Tacoma, Washington. Knowing our eardrums were in for an inexplicable treat, The Pier arrived at this welcoming and classy venue ready to experience the aloha spirit mixed with immeasurable soul.
During my time on Oahu over the last year, the name Mike Love became synonymous with a spiritual journey that can be taken on a regular basis. Mike Love is unmatched in his ability to turn an average note into a beautifully composed piece, using his harmony, beat box, and guitar. The crowd gazed in amazement as Mike captured the perfect enchanting loop to go along with the song. Sam accompanied each song with his delightfully perfectly timed percussion.

“We really appreciate you coming out, it’s such a pleasure to be with you guys” Mike Love said after his second song. “We like to feel your energy too because music is a circle; it’s an exchange of energy. When we play the music and you feel the healing energy it comes right outta you and back into us.” Mike began to play again when someone in the crowd yelled, “ALOHA” to which he replied with a agreeable smile hidden behind is well-traveled beard.

Smoke continued to creep from the fog machine as Mike Love turned the vitality of Jazzbones into a spiritual sanctuary. Tubby Love joined in for the last few songs to bring the show to a new level with his repertoire of vocal range. Mike Love’s foot moved with a poetic intention from recording to other various pedals in his musical arsenal.

I went outside to mingle and ran into Brett “Big Chill”, who played saxophone for Natural Vibrations during their set at the Cali Roots after parting on May 23, 2014. Big Chill introduced me to Eric Yamada, the promoter of the show. Yamada’s love for the local reggae scene was refreshing and it looks like NVR MT (Never Empty) Promotions is a force to be reckoned with in the Pacific Northwest.
Kimie began her set with a soothing intro called “Good Vibes” before playing the title track from her EP To The Sea. The sound technician matched her vocals perfectly with her guitar and took full advantage of the building’s acoustics. Tubby Love gave Kimie a beat box through each of her songs. She has such a way with her guitar on stage; the two appear to be inseparable best friends knowing each others true potential. I could listen to them forever.

She played “Living in the City” which took me back to my limited time living in Honolulu. “Dance With Me” carried the crowd to their knees with eyes fixed on the gorgeous Hawaiian Wahine. Single people swayed back and forth while those with partners held each other close, soaking in the sweet aloha. Her single “Make Me Say” took over the Hawaiian airwaves last year and only gets better each time. It was the first song that played on my car stereo when I arrived on Oahu and I was blessed to hear it once more when I arrived in Washington.

Kimie’s first hana hou was a cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless” where she gave a special shout-out to Next, Kimie sang her new single “New Day”, a reminder that anyone has the ability to start over for a positive change. Mike Love, his percussionist, Sam, and Tubby Love were brought back on stage and began by playing the first few distinguishable notes of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”. It was a perfect end to the tour of the independent island artists. The song has obviously had a major influence in all of their musical journeys.

We spoke with Kimie after the show and she talked about her album coming later this summer. She gave a special shout out to Cas Haley, who was sorely missed, but in everyone’s hearts. Her personality is contagious and she did not hold back when sharing such an important part of her life. You could tell by the look on her face that she feeds off of the energy that comes from touring. From the various crowds each night in random cities, to the tight knit bonds forged with fellow musicians, to dealing with overzealous and nosey media outlets, Kimie Miner was born for this role.
Kimie is ready to release her new album later this summer, tentatively titled Seasons. Mike and Tubby Love will continue to share their craft throughout the island chain and we can only hope Cas Haley can join the 2nd Annual Spirit Soul & Songs Tour next year. Tune in for more news from Jazzbones and the other concert venues in the Seattle area over this busy summer!

Kimie (w/Tubby Love) Set List:
1.) Good Vibes (Intro)
2.) To The Sea
3.) Raggamuffin
4.) Shame On You
5.) Crazy
6.) Why Can’t We
7.) Rooted
8.) Living in the City
9.) Dance With Me
10.) Make Me Say
11.) Ocean
12.) Distant Traveler
13.) Heartless (Kanye West cover w/Mike Love)
Hana Hou (Encore):
14.) New Day (w/ Mike Love)
15.) Redemption Song (Bob Marley cover w/Mike Love)

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Article by: Blake Taylor
Photos by: Jenny Feria