Mike Pinto Solo Tour

Mike Pinto Solo Tour

Mike Pinto has gone back to his roots, and what carved a niche for himself in the Reggae-Rock-Acoustic community and that is an old school solo acoustic tour. This past fall, Mike Pinto did just that touring through the midwest and east coast heavily. Now, it is time for Pinto to hit the southeast!

It has been over five months since Mike Pinto has returned to his solo acoustic shows, but the shows have still gone on, even without Matt Brien on bass and Todd Elrod on drums. If anything, Mike Pinto is diving into the core of his fan base, remembering the solo shows of years past and falling in love with those performances all over again. Actually, Todd Elrod is and was one of Mike Pinto’s biggest fans prior to playing drums live for Pinto. As Elrod told us previously, “I had been to some of [Mike Pinto’s] shows in California and they were packed! Literally, there were people everywhere, singing along and going crazy! I was thinking, ‘Man, this guy has it going on!’ Honestly, I [said] ‘I want to play drums for Mike Pinto!’” You will not find a more resounding endorsement for Mike Pinto’s solo work than the words of Todd Elrod.

The upcoming solo tour for Pinto will be brief, beginning on January 19th and lasting until February 2nd. But, keep your eye out for a new full-length album from Mike Pinto in 2013. The May 2013 album release, as Mike Pinto stated, “is going to have all different genres, including reggae, folk, rock n’ roll, early funk, and much more. There’s definitely going to be a mix of the old style and a transition to other new genres as well.”?

Along with new genres and different stylings of music, Mike Pinto’s new album Side Effects will also feature collaborations with Jesse Wagner (The Aggrolites), Josh Swain (MVMT), Chuck Treece, fellow solo-acoustic artists, Micah Brown and KAT, as well as the aforementioned Todd Elrod. Until the release date, Mike Pinto will be touring through the southeast, spreading his soulful acoustic music.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jan 19 @ Folly Beach Shrimp Co. Charleston, SC
Jan 24 @ Local 662. St. Petersburg, FL
Jan 25 @ The West End. Sanford, FL
Jan 26 @ Sports Page Live. Satellite Beach, FL
Jan 30 @ Luna’s Live. Lake Charles, LA
Feb 02 @ Martini Ranch. Scottsdale, AZ

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Article By: Kris Siuta
Photo By: Amanda Zancanella

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