Pepper’s Yesod Williams Hosts Podcast: ‘Disposable Heroes’

Pepper’s Yesod Williams Hosts Podcast: ‘Disposable Heroes’

Pepper drummer Yesod Williams has started his own Podcast show titled Disposable Heroes that features various drummers from various bands as guests who not only talk about drumming, but everything else music and life related. Yesod caught up with The Pier to tell us a bit about the show.

In a recent interview, Yesod tells The Pier: “It’s all about drummers, but not all about drumming, if you catch my drift. First one came out with my very good friend and brother Joe Dickens from Iration. You can go on iTunes right now and find it.”
Yesod goes on to share that: “I know nothing about podcasting, but Mike Sutherland, Mitch as we call him, works in the studio with us. He’s also our tour manager and he’s been my drum-tech for a while. He’s a drummer, but he’s had a podcast for years now called ‘Another Take.’ I did a few with him and over the past couple of years he was like, ‘You should do your own pod-cast.’

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Disposable Heroes was brought up as a name due to Yesod being such a huge Metallica fan. “If it wasn’t for ‘And Justice For All’ and Lars Ulrich, I probably wouldn’t have started playing drums,” Yesod shares.Disposable Heroes is basically a Metallica song off Master of Puppets as Yesod followed up his debut episode with Joe Dickens by hosting Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake.

“I’m stoked because it’s giving me a chance to kind of nerd out on people, and in an acceptable way. [Laughter]”

Yesod shares that he hopes to bring on Sublime drummer/s Bud Gaugh and Marshall Goodman, Wes Finley of Rebelution, Cyrus Bolooki of New Found Glory, Josh Freese and of course, Dave Grohl. I dont suppose Lars Ulrich would be out of the question either. You can find Yesod’s Podcast, Disposable Heroes via iTunes or via your phone-app today.

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Article by: Mike Patti
Photo By: David Norris