Rebelution’s New Album ‘Count Me In’

Rebelution’s New Album ‘Count Me In’

Rebelution Count Me In

Just before their Spring Greens Tour kicks off tomorrow on March 27th, Rebelution has announced the release date & the title of of their highly anticipated brand new album, Count Me In.

For the SoCal-based band’s fourth full-length independent release, Rebelution has aimed to instill a sense of community, choosing the phrase “Count Me In” as the album’s title, representing each member’s strong belief in a sense of community and collaboration. “Over the past ten years as an independent band,” vocalist/guitarist Eric Rachmany explained, “…we have felt a strong connection to the many people who have been incredibly supportive, and could not be more thankful to be a part of such a like-minded, positive and inspiring community.”

Rebelution Count Me In

Set to drop June 10 through Rebelution’s own label, 87 Music, in partnership with Easy Star Records. Count Me In was recorded between September and December of 2013 in Miami at Inner Cirlce’s Circle House Studios and in Burbank, CA at Steakhouse Studios. To mix and master the new album, Rebelution was fortunate enough to work with Grammy Award winning Bernie Grundman Mastering and Legendary Reggae producer/sound engineer Errol Brown, Rebelution’s touring engineer and a man who helped shape the Treasure Isle sound before working with Bob Marley & The Wailers at Tuff Gong Studios.

“From writing these songs to mixing and mastering the album, we were involved in every step…We’re becoming comfortable expressing ourselves, both in the studio and on stage. This album was truly fun to make, it’s an honest expression of who we are” revealed Rachmany, and while much of the production was done by the band independently, Rebelution utilized the Reggae-Rock community whole-heartedly to create Count Me In.

The album features special guest appearances, one by dancehall singer Collie Buddz on the track “Hate To Be The One” and legendary Roots-Reggae vocalist Don Carlos on “Roots Reggae Music”. Both collaborations are special pairings for the band as Buddz has toured with Rebelution in the recent past, and Carlos has been an enormous vocal influence on Rachmany.

The music and lyrical content varies through the album, providing positive inspiration, encouraging fans to create a pro-active and optimistic impact on society and life. Rachmany continues, “A lot of what we hear every day is that money measures success… This new album is a reminder to spread love and positivity to the people around us, these are the true measures of success.”

Fans can get a taste of the new music below, or by going to for a free download of the track, “De-Stress.”

Originally formed in Santa Barbara, CA in 2004, Rebelution’s strong do-it-yourself mentality, relentless touring and deep connection to their fan base via social media, has led them to being one of the best-selling reggae artists on the planet.

Since the 2007 release of Courage to Grow, the band’s first full-length album, Rebelution’s music has been praised for its crafty melodies, socially-conscious lyrics and savvy musicianship. In 2009, Rebelution continued to blaze their path delivering a second record, 2009’s Bright Side of Life and then a triple disc release with Peace Of Mind in January of 2012; A record that debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Reggae and Independent charts, and at #13 on the Top 200 Albums chart.

Rebelution has constantly toured supporting a beloved discography. Their live shows have only been expanding, first with the addition of multi instrumentalist Khris Royal, the additional horn players, and a beautiful light display by lighting director Kenny Gibbons. 2013 was one of Rebelution’s biggest years yet, as the band kept busy touring all around the world while still continuing to writing new music. Now in 2014, Rebelution, with the release of Count Me In is primed to surpass previous charting as the band continues to spread the positive sounds.

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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