Slum Beach Posse Vol 1

Slum Beach Posse Vol 1

SoCal’s favorite bad boy DENM, teams up with the son of the North Shore, Landon MaNamara for Slum Beach Posse Vol 1

Slum Beach Posse Vol 1

Soothing as it is poignant, Slum Beach Posse Vol 1 illustrates what both DENM and Mcnamara are so good at. Bringing coolness, and even acceptance, to male emotional vulnerability. Well-known for their roles as loving fathers and husbands, these two singer-songwriters wear their hearts on their sleeves and lay it all out on the table. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Beach cruising and background music to paradise notwithstanding, the first single Wild Trip” has already proved itself on TikTok and Instagram reels. Amassing hundreds of videos utilizing the island-tinged audio. We saw users doing everything from outfit hauls and lake hiking to motorcycle riding. Inspiring as it is catchy. The track bridges the gap between California and Hawaii in a way we’ve always been ready for, but didn’t know we needed.

Slum Beach Posse Vol 1 was a surprise release that has the whole Reggae rock community buzzing.

Landon Mcnamara took to his social media with the announcement.

“Earlier than expected haha .Stoked to collaborate with everyone in this project. Was organic and just all fell in to place. Got songs with some good friends”

@iamdenm @the_only_jesse_james and one of the music greats in my mind @slightlystoopid more to come on the story behind this project coming together. Thank you to everyone who helps keep the dream alive and all who made this project come to life ?”

Here is the tracklist, do your self a favor, roll one up, crack a cold one and catch a vibe!

More Love (featuring Jesse James)
20 after four (featuring Benny Banks)
Lose Myself (featuring Jesse James)
Wild Trip
Along the Way (featuring Jesse James)
Medicine Man (featuring Slightly Stoopid)
Ke Nui

Check out the album below!