Zach’s Scuba Shack SD

Zach’s Scuba Shack SD

Zach’s Scuba Shack owner, Brian Zach has been an independent musician and DIY enthusiast for over 16 years with his band SYNRGY.

Zach's Scuba Shack SDZach’s Scuba Shack SD

In 2017, the band was already 10/12 years old and had already lived all over. Arizona (flagstaff), Humboldt county (arcata),and southern oregon (ashland). They were aiming for SoCal but found refuge just south of the border in Rosarito Mexico.

“We were touring a LOT, living gig to gig. While we were on tour we had a series of break ins at the house, I also had a series of break ups and realized I needed to actually begin to enter the work force in San Diego and get money in some other way. But, being used to ten years of being my own boss I was skeptical of a traditional 9-5, and wanted something I was still passionate about. Behold, my scuba diving salvation.”

Brian utilized the skills he acquired as a independent artist and used it to open Zach’s Scuba Shack in San Diego

 ‘The band has given me so many skills that I used for this business. In graphic design, I would do all our graphics and posters. As well as doing all the logos and video editing for my scuba business. We used to make all our own merch and screen-printed shirts by hand for years. The band has given me skills in website design and it’s given me confidence in marketing, advertising, customer relations, employee relations and being my own boss and following through”

Brian had discovered scuba diving on a SYNRGY tour in 2013 while touring in Hawaii.
Zach’s Scuba Shack has become one of San Diego’s top tour operators in the region, focusing predominantly on Scuba and snorkeling tours in La Jolla, where guests can dive with sea lions and kelp forests.

Brian still manages SYNRGY although the band does not tour as much these days. Busy summer season keeps the  scuba business peaking.

“If it wasn’t for those skill sets in music and working for the band. I don’t think I would have had the confidence or know – how to even begin with this business venture.”

Brian is now in the process of writing many more ocean themed songs. Continuing to be an ocean ambassador while under the ocean as well as on stage on the microphone.
His story is an inspiration. It is a blueprint for any independent artist. Showing that life experiences and the skills we learn as artist can be used in many fields in life.

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