Pier Vol 1 Interview: The Supervillains

The Pier: So the song name Slosh, is this a someone or a something? Dom (drums/vocals): Yes, Slosh is about a girl from St.Thomas. I feel bad explaining, she’s gonna kill me! After going to the islands so much, we acquired many great friends, one of whom is our friend Samantha. She is one of […]

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Ballyhoo!

The Pier: When World’s Collide is probably the most rocking Ballyhoo! track recorded to date. You just went all out hey? Howi (vocals/guitar): Yeah, that was the first song we wrote this year. Just started jamming and working out the arrangement. We were in a “rocking” mood, I guess. Lyrically, I went a little political. […]

Pier Vol 1 Interview: 3rd Alley

The Pier: So you are looking for an Antidote on this new track. What are you suffering from? Zack (guitars/vocals): It’s not me that’s necessarily suffering, it’s just the antidote for the butt-hole virus. You may be asking, “What’s the butt-hole virus?” It’s not an anally transmitted disease as I’ve already been asked, but basically […]

Interview: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

The Pier: International Mother Dub is a very sweet dub track. Have you been playing it a lot at your shows? GPGDS: We have been playing International Mother Dub for a bit over a year. It is a composition by Rachel Orke and it seems to provide a very unique physiological effect on the audience […]

The Pier Compilation Vol 1 Pre-order & Track-listing

The Pier is proud to announce the Pre-order Launch for our exciting new compilation. Featuring all new and unreleased tracks from all the best reggae rock bands from the around the world (check out the tracklisting revealed below)! Sponsored by Skullycandy and Gravity Skateboards, if you enjoyed The Pier Summer and Spring Samplers, this compilation […]