Pier Vol 1 Interview: Rome

The Pier: Only is a such a great summer track. Tell us about the song-writing behind it. Rome: Well I was singing humming the chorus melody for a while and I played it totally different, but one day at the studio I guess I decided to just skank it out. Lewi (Richards), my engineer/bass player […]

The Pier Compilation Vol 1 Pre-order Update!

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Pier Vol 1 Interview: The B Foundation

The Pier: Time is a pretty rocking punk rock tune, it must be cool as band to explore different genres of music? Jason Moorehead (bass): We at this point pretty much stand to be that band in our scene that feels that we can get away with anything. We have immersed ourselves into music since […]

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Flip & Rollie

Born and raised on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Phil Carrillio (Flip) and Ryan Brolliar (Rollie) first met in 6th grade when their cross-town elementary schools combined making the jump to middle school. Ryan was the cool jock guy and Phil was the rebel skater guy. Both were cocky, arrogant, and thought they were […]

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Stick Figure

The Pier: Your song Livin It, is a six minute reggae epic, you must be super stoked on it? Stick Figure: Yeah, I was definitely happy with the way it turned out. Livin it is actually an old song that me and my friend TJ O’Neill wrote together about three years ago. It was suppose […]

Pier Vol 1 Interview: Sunset Bus

The Pier: Did you go into the studio recently to record this new jam Take it Easy? Satoshi: We were recording up until the deadline! We wanted to “take it easy,” but it wasn’t possible this time. The Pier: Does Sunset Bus have any further releases planned for 2009? Satoshi: We want to maybe release […]

Pier Vol 1 Interview: RAC

The Pier: Flourish is another classic laid back RAC tune. What was the inspiration behind it? Where did you do the recording session for it? RAC: Flourish is pretty much about an outsider’s perspective to the whole economic crisis right now. We were never part of the problem cuz we know life’s not about material […]