5 artist worth watching in 2023

5 artist worth watching in 2023

We know you are constantly hungry for something new to listen to. There’s nothing like the feeling of discovering a new artist that raises the vibration in the room..

In 2022, we caught wind of, or became even greater fans of several rising artists we can’t wait to see soar in 2023. Whether they’re promising an upcoming or on the cusp of blowing up. Here is 5 artist worth watching in 2023.

5 Artist to Watch in 2023


With the release of his genre-hopping debut album, Slum Beach Denny, and a Non stop touring schedule we are blessed to be able to watch Denm blow up in front of our eyes. Working, first as a producer, most recently as a songwriter and musician, DENM has been a highly sought-after creative force in the indie music scene for over a decade.

“It might look overnight to some people,” says DENM, “but I’ve been working.”

Denm spent most of 2022 touring in support of his album and building an extremely loyal “Slum Beach Posse” with every stage he hit. We were also given one of the dopest single of 2022 in “Wild Ride” with Landon McNamara. 

With “Slum Beach Denny” currently over 10 Million Streams and counting, this is just the beginning for Southern California’s newest ambassador. 


Artikal Sound System

South Florida-based band Artikal Sound System brings an eclectic combination of reggae, jazz and pop. First founded over a decade ago by Chris Montague (guitar) and Fabian Acuña (bass), the band has expanded since, with addition of Christopher Cope (keys), Adam Kampf (drummer) and Logan Rex (vocals)

They made National news this year after filing a complaint in California federal court alleging that Dua Lipa infringed on the copyright of their 2017 track “Live Your Life” for her massive 2020 hit “Levitating. According to a lawsuit filed it is “highly unlikely” that her 2020 song “Levitating” was independently created with identical chord structures, vocal melodies, as well as lyrical similarities.

“We’re five best friends making music together and traveling around the country,” 
The group will be headlining their “Welcome to Florida” Tour this January. We love A.S.S and believe you will too!

Bikini Trill

Bikini Trill is an LA based, surf-pop trio formed in 2017 by vocalist Lauren ‘LJ’ Johnson, bassist, Kourosh ‘Roach’ Poursalehi, and guitarist, Tony Stern.  The group seamlessly blend electronic, hip-hop drums, skank island guitars, and dreamy vocal melodies to create a truly unique sound.

Colorfully trippy both visually and sonically, Bikini Trill have created a whole vibe. They have been keeping busy touring and releasing several singles as well as the EP ” Hello, Welcome”  With super catchy songwriting and grooves that flow perfectly with their always fresh artwork and merchandise, we can’t wait to see what Bikini Trill do in 2023. 


The Kaleidoscope Kid

The Kaleidoscope Kid is a Phoenix, Arizona native that grew up on skateboarding, visual art, and outdoor escapism. The diversity of his activities and surroundings translated into a varied love for music. Bringing about a sonic landscape in his work that echoes his passions and interests. Although a true newcomer to the music scene, Kaleidoscope’s discography leaps and bounds between spaces. Leaning on his charisma to bring the listener along for the ride. A fan of an extensive catalog of inspirations that span from Beck, Pink Floyd, to Bob Marley and Sublime. His work is a reflection of intentionality and passion for the craft. Taking pieces of his life and translating them into his sound. Kaleidoscope create an ethereal world that’s equal parts relatable and entrancing.

Kaleidoscope recently signed to indie powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records. This positive new chapter in his career brings Kaleidoscope into the deeper pools of the music scene. His new home is sure to expand his discography as well as his fan base.


Space Kamp

An under-the-radar highlight to emerge out of the pandemic was that of a psychedelic reggae-hip hop duo, Space Kamp. Based just outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Clearwater Florida, they spent the last couple of years coming into their own. Developing a sound that sonically reflected their “break rules and spread love” mantra. The dynamic duo of Adoo and Oskee (Son of Latin Lifetime Grammy recipient Cuco Valoy) is a mixed cocktail of Merry Pranksters and Hunter S Thompson, with the sonics of The Grateful Dead, Sublime and Redman & Method Man all stirred in a pot.  The Stoney duos album Butterfly Effect debuted in the Top 10 iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts with the help of their Rebel Hippies Community. Cannabis and Psychedelic advocates Space Kamp has been making their rounds up and down the east coast. Performing and making appearances at Cannabis Festivals and events.  Their Monday morning podcast “The Rebel Hippies Show” premieres right here on ThePier each week.