Live: Last Calls & Liabilities Tour

Live: Last Calls & Liabilities Tour

Date: Monday, Sept 5th, 2011
Line up: Pepper, The Expendables & Ballyhoo!
Location: The Marquee Theatre. Tempe, AZ
What: Last Calls & Liabilities Tour

The characters were out at The Marquee Theatre, but Pepper was not wearing any costumes. Frankly, it would have been no surprise if Pepper pulled a “Chili Pepper” and went straight tube socks for the show. Needless to say, the night was hot!

No surprise to the fans, the night was on fire from the start. With Pepper headlining the “Last Calls and Liabilities Tour” featuring prominent acts The Expendables and new Law Records family members, Ballyhoo! The stage was set perfectly for a reggae-rock party.

Ballyhoo! made it known that Maryland knows more than a thing, or two, about the laid back beach life with top-notch music as the backdrop. For the sundrenched fans in Arizona, it was a fresh taste of the ocean that only comes so often. With their latest release “Daydreams” dropping simultaneously with their live performance, four new songs were featured during Ballyhoo!’s set including “The Getaway” and “Evil Penguin” while also mixing in a couple classics “Cali Girl” and “Cervesa” to their high energy performance.

The 30minute “slamming” performance by Ballyhoo! only fed to the packed house in Tempe. Yet, the night was only beginning, and Santa Cruz’s own The Expendables only added to raucous crowd.

The Expendables latest 2010 release “Prove It” is self-explanatory but the crowd proved to be loving every minute of their show. Lead Singer Geoff Weers’ lyrics were well received throughout the night. From mainstays “Sacrifice” and “Burning Up” new sweet ditties “Mind Control” and always crowd favorite “Wells” brought the crowd and band into one voice.

Either The Expendables or Ballyhoo! could rightfully headline their own national tour, but Law Records does it “Massive”. Who better to lead the way on the “Last Calls and Liabilities Tour” than Kailua-Kona’s terrific trio, Pepper?

Simply said, no one puts on a show like Pepper. The scene was set in an operating room or lifeguard tower, the Marquee Theatre turned into the hottest club in “The Mill Avenue District”. Needless to say, the girls were dressed to impress, just the way the Pepper boys like it.

And just to make sure the crowd knew what to expect for the rest of the night, singer/guitarist Kaleo Wassman took charge by belting out “Love Affair” and “No Control” just take the crowd to another level.

Pepper always puts on an unforgettable show, and the kickoff of the fall tour was no different. A good mix of new and old school tracks ranging from “Wake Up”, “Davey Jones Locker”, “Crazy Love”, “Border Town”, and of course “Give It Up” filtered through the speakers.

Another song that was featured during Pepper’s set was the yet to-be-released track “Make Me”. With the huge success Pepper’s most recent EP “Stitches” garnered, the crowd put on their dancing shoes for that song in anticipation of even more new material.

However, it is safe to say everyone who attended the show arrived with their dancing feet, ready, willing and more than able to intensify the night by feeding off all three acts.

Pepper sang their gratitude for all the fans that came out by closing out the night with “Nice Time” and everyone’s favorite sing along “Ashes”. Even after Yesod Willams last strike to the snare drum, the crowd wanted more. No one left empty handed as Hawaii’s finest gave the moshpit one last dance with “Blackout”.

Last Call wasn’t far off when the lights turned down and Pepper left the stage, but it’s safe to say Law Records’ very own Pepper hosted the best party in town.

– Article by: Kris Siuta

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Here’s a photo of Pepper’s Set-List. Not sure if its for the whole tour or not. Catch a show and let us know!