Interview: Less Than Jake

Interview: Less Than Jake

As we waited in the press area for our interview with Less Than Jake I received a phone call from a friend that has played with these ska kings in the past. I started asking about the individual I would be interviewing “Chris Demakes” front man for LTJ. His exact words were “He is a goofy guy that looks like the lead singer of the Offspring”. Just as I turned around I heard him having what appeared to be an argument with a girl standing behind me. Chris then said, “I would not make fun of you to your face! I’d rather have a bottle in front of me rather than a butt hole in front of me!…..Depending”. After these remarks, myself and Kit (our photographer) had to re-gain composure from laughter and the interview began. Enjoy!

The Pier: You guys just released your EP “Greetings From” in June and are cutting out the middle man by cutting out the distributor and fans can buy the EP straight from you guys. With more and more bands starting record labels and doing what you guys do, what advice do you give the bands out there that are still being controlled by major market labels?
LTJ: Um… go back to school and go back to living with your parents cause there are way too many bands out there! I want five years where no new bands form and in 2016 they are allowed to re-form again. Way too many bands!!

The Pier: Interesting view Chris. You call this your 287th release as a band and you guys have been around for a very long time, longer than most bands can stand to be together and it does not seem that LTJ are running out of gas anytime soon. What is your secret to longevity?
LTJ: NO wives and no children, next… (Laughs). It’s funny cause most bands are like “we never do any hard drugs “ yada yada yada. Let’s be honest here…

The Pier: You guys met at the University of Florida nearly two decades ago. What were you guys originally going to school for?
LTJ: We all went to school for women and bong hits, found each other and formed a band. We started doing a bunch of bar shows then saved up for a van and started touring and here we are!

The Pier: Now you got a bus!
LTJ: Now we have 18 busses but we don’t own any of em…

The Pier: Tell us something that your fans might not know about you guys.
LTJ: Contrary to popular belief, we are not good in bed… Any of us. In fact, we are fucking lousy…So I’ve heard.

The Pier: Thanks Chris for your honest and entertaining to say the least interview.
LTJ: That was painless!

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Interview by: Chad Hillje
Photos by: Kit Chalberg