Review: Perro Bravo – Case Pacific

Perro Bravo - Case Pacific 1.) Dr. Chopper 2.) For Chinaski 3.) Huevos Revueltos (feat. Roger Rivas & Tim Wu) 4.) History Repeats 5.) DJ Product (feat. DJ Product 69 & Roger Rivas) 6.) Wrong Direction 7.) Coastal Access (feat. Roger Rivas) 8.) Fish on the Line (feat. Roger Rivas) 9.) Pick Me Up (Off [...]

Best Buy Concedes to Streaming, Will No Longer Sell CDs

It’s shocking to think that Best Buy was once known for being the Costco of CD’s. They really did offer the best prices and while they didn’t carry much of a local or independent selection, it was still a point of pride as a band to be with a label who could broker distribution with […]

Sublime’s 2018 Record Store Day Release

Sublime has been one of Record Store Day’s most consistent participants since the events 2007 inception. You could say that since that time Sublime has really opened up its back catalog to Vinyl and 2018 will include another early re-release from the Long Beach legends.

Iration Drops ‘Time Bomb’ Album On Wax

Isla Vista, CA’s Iration has re-released their iconic 2010 record Time Bomb to Vinyl for the first time via the groups own Three Prong Records. The vinyl will ship March 12th almost 8 years to the date of its original release.

Amp Live Releases New EP ‘Divine Delay’

These days, most folks will find new music from Amp Live with fellow comrade Eric Rachmany of Rebelution through their side project Unified Highway. Having said that, Amp Live is still pressing on with releases of his own, and just dropped his latest EP Divine Delay featuring 6 new tracks via Strange Focus Records.

Save Ferris To Release First Ever Live Record!

Coming this Summer via Hardline Entertainment, Ska veterans Save Ferris will release their first ever Live Record! They’re going to do it in style as they’ll debut the material on Limited Edition Vinyl that will also include a digital download card of the album.

New Album by New Band: Happy Tank

On March 16th, Happy Tank will release their debut 11-track record titled U-F-uhO that is said to be a blend of singer/songwriter, alt-rock with post punk, jazz and hip hop sensibilities. The project was started by former Sublime horn-player Todd Forman along with his former 3rd Alley collaborator, Zack Walters.