The Pier: Meet N Greets at Cali-Roots

The Pier: Meet N Greets at Cali-Roots


Meet-N-Greet-612x612-SOJASOJA formed in 1997 as a group of friends from middle and high school in Arlington, Virginia. The group has since blown up with their energetic live shows and conscious lyrics.

They released their fourth full-length studio album Strength to Survive in early 2012 and reached the top of the Billboard reggae charts. The album was released on ATO Records (Dave Matthews Band) & the group even played a spot on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This year the band released a new song “I Believe” featuring Michael Franti and Nahko Bear. They’re working on a new album to release this year & have been seen spending a lot of time at Circle House Studios in Florida, owned by the band Inner Cicle.

Get out to our big GREEN PIER BOOTH as EARLY as you can to get in line. The group is only available for 30minutes and we want to make sure we get to as many of you as possible to Meet N Greet the band. They’re doing it from 7:15-7:45pm on Friday night. Get there early & come prepared because again, this is at NO COST to those in attendance!

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