The Pier: Meet N Greets at Cali-Roots

The Pier: Meet N Greets at Cali-Roots


Meet-N-Greet-612x612-PepperPepper was born out of friendship between bassist/vocalist Bret Bollinger and guitarist/vocalist Kaleo Wassman, who have been friends since middle school. They later added drummer Yesod Williams to complete the trio that we know as Pepper. The band began playing during their last year of high school and eventually garnered a loyal following on The Big Island of Hawaii. Even though all three had deep connections with their hometown of Kona and the community, they decided to try their hand at music on the mainland.

The group pressed pause after the release of their fifth album, Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations, in 2008. In 2010, the group released their Stitches EP before taking a brief break to work on their new self-titled album. After releasing five albums, Pepper has opened a new chapter in their storied career. (Hence the new logo with their name in all lower-case).

Pepper is preparing for an incredible summer tour with the Dirty Heads and Aer. This will be your chance to meet them before they hit the road! This is the first time The Pier has hosted a Meet N Greet with the Reggae-Rock veterans. These guys have always been awesome to their fans and perform one of the higher energy shows in the genre. Get to the booth early, its at no extra cost, other than patiently waiting in line for your turn to have all of your Pepper media signed!

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